04.12.2021 PI016 FROM SAND TO SOIL PLEASURE ISLAND Something else

Feel warmly invited to celebrate the transition from and to soil, the cabin now being set up in a plain of long wet grass looking out over a cornfield. Who’s side are you on?

The cabin's continueing exhistence and the autumn-winter season will be celebrated with multiple bonfires surrounding the re-born hut. During the coming months the pavilion will hibernate in the garden of Ludwigshaven, a place of warm hearted people. The cabin will continue to be used as a vessel for experimentation, with the prospect of additional works by Justine Grillet, Toon Boeckmans, Eleonore Joulin, Simon Masschelein, Fran Van Coppenolle, Jan Vandeplancke, Arnaud Eubelen.

Feel free to come over, enjoy a drink, the warmth and cold.
Don’t be shy, drive all the way through the gate and find us somewhere in the wet and muddy grass field. (Wear proper shoes.)

(Only reachable by car, so find your peers) (Bring a towel for those who like it hot) (Bring a sleeping bag for those who like it late) (Drinks cash / card)

Saturday from 16:00
De Gruyterdreef 3, 8750 Wingene