Paul Joseph Store

18 and 19 July 2020

New Rituals -
Egon Van Herreweghe, Marthe Coolens, Thomas Min,
Sophie Whetton


Gorgelen in A
- Lukas De Clerck

developing, no date yet

Nothing For Free

developing, no date yet

Nieuwpoortsesteenweg 133, 8400 Oostende

Open during events
or by chance

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Each month Pleasure Island has a fixed cost of €385/month to pay, this is very little and we manage to stay breakeven just by selling drinks during the events and with gifts, Pleasure Island has no government funding. Closing and delaying for how long it will take is also for this Island no good. If you are able and willing to support Pleasure Island, we're open for one-off or periodic donations. Transfers can be done to the account BE70 8939 4408 7325.

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